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Reducing Scrap at an Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Client Background & Challenges

A Tier 1&2 Automotive steering and suspension component supplier was contending with excessive scrap rates and time-to-market. This led to decreasing revenues and customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as increasing costs at one of the organization’s facilities with $130 Million in revenu

Approach & Analysis

The SSA team identified a number of key issues, including:

  • Data scattered throughout different production lines with limited ability to detect changes in process with defect rate.
  • Highly complex manufactured parts.
  • Lack of sufficient process and procedure training.
  • Lack of change management effort during design launch.
  • No standardized maintenance documentation.
  • No in-depth analysis of failure reasons.
  • Front cradle window non-fill defect. Several parts in a row being run with same defect before recognizing pattern and taking action to control.

To solve these problems, SSA & Company made the following contributions:

  • Documented issues and key measurement points.
  • Performed failure diagnostics to determine likely failure modes.
  • Facilitated Root Cause Analysis.
  • Trained operators to identify scrap precursors.
  • Optimized start-up & transition procedures for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Implemented process mistake proofing methodology.
  • Created Preventative Maintenance schedule for operators.
  • Installed shop floor visual management system.
  • Conducted operator training on surface appearance before failures.
  • Perform Mold Touch Up (MTU) to restore performance.

Results & Value to Client

The efforts of the SSA team helped reduce total scrap by 50% in three months, slashed the scrap cost per part processed by 75%, and delivered a cost savings run rate estimated at $1.1 Million annually.

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