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Leveraging Operations Data and Analytics to Optimize the Global IT Infrastructure of a Multi-Billion Insurance Firm

Client Background & Challenges

The Global CIO of a multi-billion insurance provider was looking to find ways to optimize its IT expenditure. The firm spent a significant amount of its annual budget on IT (with over half being spent on IT Infrastructure). In addition, a recent acquisition expanded its global reach but also further complicated its technology landscape. The firm engaged SSA to conduct an assessment of the capabilities of its Infrastructure group outside of the US (across 37 countries).

Approach & Analysis

We baselined the current infrastructure capabilities – from both a financial and operational perspective – and then identified strengths and improvement opportunities to enhance the organization’s functional capabilities.

Results & Value to Client

We identified $80M in benefits through a series of improvements to optimize IT expenditure and enhance functional capabilities:

  • Defined the optimal infrastructure service delivery approach that considers core vs. non-core capabilities and global vs. regional strategies of execution.
  • Rationalized labor sourcing to create better leverage and support infrastructure delivery.
  • Standardized processes within the service delivery model.
  • Deployed common infrastructure service management tools
  • Established global KPIs & SLAs across countries.
  • Implemented country-specific tactical enhancements (e.g., better tools, etc.).

Finally, we uncovered new insights from data that helped the firm drive business decisions. For example, our study of each country’s Infrastructure spending by category revealed previously hidden differences in investment priorities and types of delivery models. We also built the firm a normalized measure of cost efficiency, allowing regional Infrastructure IT leaders to accurately compare financial performance across for the first time. This new view allowed regional leaders to accurately compare financial performance across countries and understand the impact of disparate models and processes.

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