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Assessing the Value of a Potential Acquisition for a PE Firm: Due Diligence Identifying Cash Flow and Operational Performance Upsides

Client Background & Challenges

SSA & Company was asked to advise on the value of a potential acquisition for a private equity firm looking to expand its portfolio. The company being assessed was a leading global provider of critical maintenance, repair and industrial cleaning solutions to the energy industry.

Approach & Analysis

The team identified a lack of detailed plans to support initiatives, a lack of strategic procurement, and functional decentralization as key issues that needed resolving. SSA & Company provided the private equity firm with a full assessment of the potential acquisition by assessing their business plans, interviewing management, and leveraging experience from operational restructuring and performance improvement programs in similar environments. SSA completed an assessment of business plan projections, potential performance improvement initiatives and the risks and vulnerabilities of the current approach described by management.

Results & Value to Client

SSA’s engagement with the PE firm yielded valuable results:

  • Concluded EBITDA upsides of between $28M and $60M deliverable across the enterprise.
  • EBITDA upsides considered in the context of $250M Revenues.
  • Tighter controls of working capital could offer one-time cash improvements of $31M to $63M.
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