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A New Approach to Strategy Execution

SSA & Company is different. We deliver faster results and higher ROI. We reduce complexity and up-skill talent. We have been turning data into insights for decades. “Big data” is only a new frontier – not a new field.

Our team – small, diverse, elite – operates upon disciplined strategy execution. We gain insights, and we use them to improve performance. We examine process, data, people, and technology to fill alignment gaps.

We work with you to translate insights and strategy into results.

Our Clients
We work with some of the world’s most influential businesses – and some of the most promising startups. We also work extensively with private equity and venture-backed companies with robust growth timelines.

Our client diversity improves our services. We bring to Fortune 500 companies the innovation and ambition of high-growth startups. To smaller organizations, we bring F500 best practices.

Business Results
We help you drive organic revenue growth. We have considerable experience at the highest levels of business, and that is your advantage. We help you reduce risk and improve working capital. Enhance margins and efficiency. Turn data into dollars. Build stronger talent pools. Increase ROI.

We help you get where you want to go.

Flexible Solutions

We have a range of solutions to help businesses execute on strategy. These solutions are flexible, and always adapted to meet your unique needs.


We leverage operations, data, and technology assessments to shape management’s strategic focus. Done right, these assessments clarify signal from noise, and provide insights primed for action.


We target fast-cycle process improvements. We seek high-value opportunities that can deliver sustainable results. Depending on your needs, we can identify 30, 60, or 90-day execution cycles. Our projects aim for 15-50% improvements in cost, quality, and time.


We add value immediately – and over time. We help companies change the structures of their business to improve margin and asset performance. At best, these improvements kick-start broader transformations. They drive revenue. Save costs. Improve working capital. They build to an overall operating model change. They transform your skills into capabilities. They create your new DNA.