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Six Sigma Academy: the Creators of the Data-Driven Decision Making

SSA & Company was founded as the Six Sigma Academy in 1994 by Dr. Mikel Harry and others who developed the Six Sigma methodology at Motorola. Over the next 15 years, they built a successful training company, teaching thousands of Black Belts in large organizations such as GE, DuPont Ford, and Allied Signal to identify and capture quality improvements in their organizations. These transformations – still known as some of the best – instilled for the first time the management philosophy of data-driven decision making and changed business history. Six Sigma provided a framework for CEOs to take advantage of data to make decisions that could transform their business.


SSA & Company: Data-Driven Decision Making Aligned to CEO Priorities

In the early 2000s, Scott Miller, Dave Fuente, and Dave Niles – two former F500 CEOS and a former top executive – saw a new opportunity.  All were firm believers in the fundamentals of Six Sigma and operations improvement, but they realized that business priorities had changed: CEOs and investors could no longer afford long cycle times for ROI improvements or overly bureaucratic approaches.  Recognizing that CEOs today need measurable, near-term results, they married the fundamentals and rigor of data-driven decision making with a top-management mindset. In doing so, they transformed Six Sigma Academy from a training company into SSA & Company, a management consulting firm that drives efficient strategy execution, delivering higher ROI and faster results.

Today, SSA’s model holistically focuses on process, people, systems and data – and uses new tools and techniques to make data actionable