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We take pride in our people and the unique way that we structure our teams. Every individual plays a critical role in delivering lasting results, and brings tremendous value to the companies that we work with. We believe in quality over quantity (light footprint, big impact). We will never send you a busload of recent MBA grads and cookie-cutter results. Instead, our client teams always include: seasoned experts with 20 years of experience, savvy consultants with broad business and subject matter expertise, and sharp business analysts to provide heavy data and analytic support. Throughout the year, we like to feature different client teams to highlight our great people and the exciting work they are doing.


A leading private equity firm recently engaged SSA & Company to assist with the merger of four body armor manufacturers it had acquired. Proper management of this integration and the execution of a new operating strategy helped the new enterprise to become number one in its marketplace.


“This is a project with many moving parts. The production environment is very complex and people’s lives depend on the quality standards. That’s why we’re very hands-on, ensuring that we’re embedding the highest quality standard while enabling our clients to achieve new levels of service and efficiency following the integration.”
– Mark Habner, Managing Director, Private Equity



“As the project lead, I’ve been interfacing with the CEO and COO, and spending time with the front line. We’re making major headway at every level – and that will last far beyond the integration phase.”
– Richard Dowden, Director




“I’ve had over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing plants, and so I know how important it is to have a partner who can roll up their sleeves to get things done. I work with employees at every level, including those on the manufacturing floor. It’s the most effective way to drive improvements.
– Robert Vaughn, Director




 “I worked for Deloitte for 8 years and I must say SSA’s approach is much more flexible and aligned to client goals. It’s about making changes to improve client operations, not about sitting in a room making pretty PowerPoints.
– Jon Bloomfield, Director





“I’ve worked with big consulting firms who will develop a strategy that companies can’t execute. We’ve helped the PE firm feel comfortable about this integration because our unique approach delivers real results. It’s great to be part of such a small and impactful team.”
Earvin Shade, Director




“Working with a small team of industry and operations experts effectively guided my analytical work, and allowed me to develop and deliver unique, impactful solutions to the client. For example, the team showed me how to adapt the capacity model I developed for the initial assessment to the returns and alterations process, delivering substantial benefits to the client.”
–Chris Nizolek, Associate Consultant