We bring strategies to life
by re-imagining how business is done.

Our expertise in digital, analytics, and advanced operating models helps:

Drive your growth Boost your profits Build your capability

What we do

We solve today’s toughest business problems.


Proven results

We convert your strategy into action, delivering significant ROI in rapid cycles.


Industry expertise

25+ years of demonstrable impact across industries.


We transform business

Deep connections with CEOs

We believe in a relationship-based business strategy, which delivers better outcomes. We also bring a CEO-informed view from work with hundreds of executives across G100 Companies.

Client-centered solutions

Our high-impact, light-footprint teams provide practical, action-oriented solutions tailored to your business needs. Not cookie cutter decks. We understand your business’s operations, culture, and DNA.

Digitally-enabled transformation

We have applied data-driven decision making to transform business for decades. We used big data before it was cool. Today, our agile, integrated approach to digital drives your next-generation advantage.

Fast, lasting results

We convert your strategy into action, delivering impact in rapid cycles. Our approach is turbo-charged by deep relationships and digital tools to unlock immediate value and build capabilities to sustain results.

Demonstrable Impact

"SSA & Company helped identify several key operational pain points and found pockets of success through a holistic view of our enterprise and insights from digital leaders. The team helped develop and operationalize an integrated digital strategy across our entire value chain that will prove to be an important fundamental in our long-term success."
Mohamed Elsarky
former Chief Executive Officer, Global Confectionary Company
“SSA & Company is not afraid to step in and get its 'hands dirty' in a process. This gives them valuable insights and truly helps us when/where we need it most”
Claude Wade
former Chief Operating Officer, Global Risk & Specialties, Marsh
"The SSA & Company team members are all highly-knowledgeable, insightful, and added immeasurable value for the senior management team. These are highly-proficient business people who consistently offer tangible and actionable input. Before knowing them, I was highly skeptical of consultants from personal past experience. I respect this company and every member of its team."
Bill Curcio
Chairman, Risk Management
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